I'm Annie, not Ana.

Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. I'm 20 and recovering from anorexia, over-exercising and depression. XC and track runner who loves watermelon & cookies too much


Help get me on the cover!!

I want to get my story out there about my battle with running and anorexia, which is something any Running magazine rarely covers (but should because it’s so much more common than most people think). I want to do this for all of my ED warriors in hopes to help make society more aware. You can vote once a day!! <3



I may not have the perfect body. I may not have the chest of a god or the abs of an Olympic athlete. What I do have is a body; a healthy body that allows me to live each day fruitfully and productively. It also allows me to simply sit on my ass and do nothing but laze around, because those days are important too.

I can jump.

I can run.

I can lift.

I can lift my love and carry her around.

I can embrace.

I can squeeze.

I can eat and cook and create all sorts of things.

My body may not be model worthy. My body may not be the “ideal” spitting image of Zac Efron. My body may not be ‘perfect’. But it might just be perfect for me. For my life. For my love in my life. For my friends and family.

The percentage of body fat on my body does not dictate how attractive or sexually appealing I am. The percentage of body fat does not dictate my success as a musician or composer or lover or father or boyfriend or husband. The percentage of body fat only dictates one thing:

How much fucking fat I have on my body.

It doesn’t dictate strength or endurance. It doesn’t dictate whether or not I’m better than anyone else.

Today I’m finally feeling confident. Today I’m feeling rather good about myself (a little tired, but emotionally good.)

Throw some positivity around. It doesn’t come too often.

preach it

You are so pretty but I wish you were a bit skinnier :/

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living in a body at a healthy weight with a disordered mind is the most devastating and frustrating sensation i have ever experienced.  

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“ Change, move, dead clock, that this fresh day
May break with dazzling light to these sick eyes.
Burn, glare, old sun, so long unseen,
That time may find its sound again, and cleanse
Whatever it is that a wound remembers
After the healing ends. ”

—    Small Prayer, Weldon Kees (via cartographe)

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“ I like to pretend I am fine, now. I look at chocolate cakes and proclaim how delicious they taste while discussing my newfound love of pasta.
I allow my scars to heal and drown my bones in warm flesh, refusing to be the friend who can’t decide if she wants to keep herself alive this week.
I run in circles and shout how fine I am when I need you more now than I ever have. ”

—    Sarah T, healthy is when I need you most (via packupthemoon-anddismantlethesun)

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